It's hard to believe that the wax print journey began last year at AfroPunk, Paris! It's been over a year since we begun and what a journey it's been. In case you're wondering why the logo at the start of the video says 'ONOMEN' there's a reason - in my spare time I like to make clothes out of wax print fabrics and so a few years back I started the ONOMEN clothing line as a way to share my designs with others. The idea for the film actually arose as a result of my questions about the origins of the beautiful prints I was using everyday. 

AfroPunk is a festival that celebrates the marriage of African heritage with punk aesthetics - you'll see wax prints used in every way imaginable from headwraps to hoodies, rings to rims, in essence nothing is too much.

Whilst there I interviewed a number of artists, designers and fans. On day 2 we bumped into rapper Mikel Ameen who gave an impromptu performance in the middle of the AfroPunk market - his lyrics speak to the struggle of being African in the diaspora and offers a positive message for those struggling - reclaim your identity and in the words of a wise man, know thyself and to thyself be true.