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My name is Earl.

​ There is something both surreal and humbling about being a Black British-African woman on a cotton farm in Georgia with a White American man, who used to pick cotton as a boy, as my tour guide. Surreal? Because of all of the above. Humbling? Well, standing amidst all that history in the Georgia State […]

Competition Time – Win a wax print t-shirt!

It’s time for a Wax Print competition, up for grabs we have an ONOMEN wax print t-shirt, handmade in England, UK, using the best Super Wax fabric and 100% jersey cotton from England combined to create an assymetrical t-shirt perfect for summer and autumn. To enter you just need to do 3 things: Like the […]


Travelling as a documentary film maker is an amazing experience the people, food and places are truly inspiring and enlightening. However it can also go wrong if you’re not aware of standard travel protocols! Enjoy and subscribe below for more updates. Aiwan

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